Tiziana Triolo, founder and owner of C2L Academy, believes this is the perfect strategy to learn fundamental Italian culinary terminology and get educated on the Mediterranean way of living by covering nutritional bases aimed at teaching how to eat and choose healthy and fresh ingredients based on the Mediterranean diet food pyramid.
Tiziana offers to you and your children, an opportunity to experience the real taste of Italy in a fun and safe environment, creatively delivered by an authentic Italian mom.
"Benvenuti” at our Italian Cooking Classes where “Buon Appetito” is a learning experience. Our motto is “Cucina Sano e Parla Italiano!” - "Cook Healthy and Speak Italian!"
Established in April 2016, Tiziana’s Cook2Learn Academy offers educational & cultural cooking classes for children 3 to 12 years of age.  This Educational & Cultural Academy is a perfect, easy way to experience a different culture while having fun.
The keys of success of our educational cooking classes are based on passion and love for Italian cuisine, Italian culinary traditions and Italian Language and basic grammar. Through our cooking classes, your kids will learn about Italy and will be exposed to a different culture without having to leave Houston.
While the children have fun cooking authentic Italian recipes, they will explore Italy by learning about the history of the dish and the region of its origin. They will also learn to convert between the metric and the United States customary units by measuring the ingredients using both systems.  In addition, they will learn the Italian and English names of all ingredients and utensils used.  Each class is designed to be child-friendly with a “taste of Italy”.